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John and his staff believe that the sales executives are the customer and should always be put first. At RE/MAX Results, sales executives are empowered to make decisions of their own and ultimately run their own businesses alongside the RE/MAX brand with the assistance of dedicated company staff.

If you are looking to work with a company that prides itself not only on its bottom line but on the impact it makes in the lives of people in Minnesota and Wisconsin, reach out today.

Those who pursue careers within the organization enjoy the support of the company and unlimited potential. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact us.


Qualities of a Successful Partner



In real estate, you frequently shepherd the dreams of people making the largest purchase of their life. Do not be flippant, do not mistake this for your moment. Real estate is a customer service industry, and, while the customer may not always be right, their concerns and desires are always valid to a good agent.

We all understand that honesty and integrity are valuable. In practice, though, many of us falter. We know to tell the truth, but find that little “white lies” or omissions lead to less conflict - conflict both with others and within ourselves.

Whatever it is you think you are hiding so well, I promise that you wear it on your sleeve more than you know. More often than not, we can sense when something is amiss with one another. Are you allowing these lies to affect your day-to-day life?

Common lies like, “I will get to that tomorrow,” or “I’m just going to cut corners this one time,” do not fly with John. These inward-facing betrayals sabotage your potential.

Once you are sure of who you are and what you want, you will not be able to help but be frank with the world at large. Listen to what the client wants and be prepared to tell them the positives as well as the negatives associated with any given property.



Drive is not something we can teach. There are no incentives great enough to make a person push themselves for something beyond money. Driven people are blessed because while they are not motivated by money, they will almost surely be rewarded financially along the way.

Bobby Knight once observed, "Everybody wants to be on a national championship team, but nobody wants to come to practice." Money alone will never be able to get you through the daily slog with a positive attitude. It takes a singleness of mind. It takes a fire that cannot be extinguished by challenge. Bobby Knight needed players who not only loved to win, he needed players who loved the process behind winning.

If your goal is a number, you are essentially saying that this is what your life is worth. In the end, no number is going to be enough. You need to love what you do. You need to want to create a legacy. You need to have pride in your future.

Find your WHY and stop at nothing in its pursuit.

The Process


Self-reliance used to be a highly prized virtue, but it’s been replaced to a large extent by self-absolution. We are quick to look for the easy way out and this leads to us shifting blame or asking for more than we deserve.

There are no guarantees. You have to come up with something extra, something different. Everybody doesn't get to live their dream. You get to have a life, an opportunity, and that's what you get. The rest is up to you.

There is a reason that the very first thing we ask addicts to do is to admit they have a problem; if we do not acknowledge our weaknesses, we can never hope to heal. The same principle holds true in business. We need to be willing to take a critical eye at what role we played in the outcomes we face in a company.

Everyone could stand to do an audit of themselves. What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are? How does that measure up to reality?

Nobody wants to get blamed and everybody wants more praise. However, are we brave enough to ask ourselves if that is correct? Some will find that they are in the right. For others, this just is not the case. If you find yourself in this second category, give yourself a hand for realizing the truth and take the steps necessary to grow.

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