The Reward of Knowing

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Don't Let Addiction...

Keep you from knowing a better life

In The Reward of Knowing, John Collopy walks you through his journey from addiction to sobriety and success. It is an unflinching examination of a life that did not seem destined for greatness. Whether it is his difficult childhood, his drinking, his arrests, or how he managed to get back on track, nothing is off limits. You will hear about prison brawls and near-death experiences as well as a philosophy of honesty and knowing who your customer is.

Many books about business will focus on just that, forgetting to discuss the human element in the equation. John outlines not just his methods for managing employees and setting goals but the kind of person you should strive to be. Whether or not you face issues with addiction, you will learn the mindset required to make strides personally or professionally. You need to take ownership of everything that you are, eliminating excuses, in order to move forward in your life.

This is not simply a book to help grow your career, it is a book to help you grow as a human being.

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